We appreciate the Outback Restaurant and Pub who are having their
Give Back at the Outback this month benefiting Assistance League of Greeley!
Every Thursday, all day! Hop over, have some delicious food
and you will be helping us to help our community!
Please share with your family and friends - Thank you!


  • Assistance League Greeley is in need of donations including small appliances, dishes, kitchen ware, cook and bake ware, craft items, jewelry, and knick-knacks. Donated items are sorted and priced by volunteer members and sold at reasonable prices to the general public. This funds our philanthropic programs making it a win-win for our community! The Bargain Box is located at 1706 9th Street, Greeley.
    Donated items may be dropped off during normal business hours Monday – Friday, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM or Saturday, 12:00 Noon to 3:00 PM. Items donated are tax deductible. Donations of large furniture and appliances, electronics and mattresses will not be accepted due to space.
  • Assistance League Greeley has scholarship funds available to single parents attending Aims Community College or the University of Northern Colorado. Applicants interested in the Single Parent Scholarships must be residents of Weld County and have custody of a minor child. The single parent must maintain a 3.0 GPA and carry a course load of 12 credit hours. If interested in applying for an Assistance League Greeley Single Parent Scholarship, contact the Financial Aid office at Aims or UNC.

  • To learn more about Assistance League Greeley, please call 970-353-2226, email: algreeley@babox.org, or visit us at Assistance League Bargain Box Thrift Store, 1706 9th Street.


Assistance League members pictured with Mayor are from left to right: Pam Neville, Marjie Reed, Vikki Cole, Carolyn Bernhardt-Jones; ALG President, Mayor John Gates, Ann Van Matre and Claudia Sitzman.

Assistance League of Greeley is celebrating
the 45th anniversary of the charter

Several members of Assistance League met with Mayor John Gates October 2, 2018 and were presented with a Proclamation proclaiming the week of Oct. 7 – 13, 2018, as Assistance League of Greeley’s 45th Anniversary Celebration Week in the City of Greeley. It urged all citizens to visit the Bargain Box at 1706 9th Street to shop and learn more about their philanthropic endeavors and how they benefit our community.

82 dedicated volunteer members work diligently in the Bargain Box Thrift Store to provide funding for 6 philanthropic programs. Warm Up Weld provides new blankets to those in need throughout Weld County; Operation School Bell provides school uniforms to seven Title One Schools; Single Parent Scholarships provides funding for single parents to attend Aims or UNC; Assault Survivor Kits provides new clothing to men, women, and children who are victims of assault; Color Me Weld, provides activity books and markers to children in the hospital; and File of Life is a program that provides free medical information kits to all citizens of the County. Filled out, these medical information kits are useful to first responders in the event of an emergency.

Assistance League is always welcoming new members. Click here for more information.


Fall/Winter Merchandise Now On Display at the Bargain Box!


Susan Dolan, National Assistance

League President, honors

 Carolyn Bernhardt-Jones

and Assistance League

Greeley with the

45-Year Anniversary Award

      Assistance League Greeley member
Maxine Selle is our first winner of the
national Ada Edwards Laughlin award.

Ada Edwards Laughlin was one of the
national founders of Assistance League
in Los Angeles, California, in 1935.

This award is given to a chapter member
who has been a member for a significant
number of years and has given outstanding
"behind the scenes" service.

Congratulations, Maxine!


Click here to visit the Assistance League Greeley Facebook page.

Assistance League Greeley was founded in 1973 as the 54th chapter of Assistance League.
Mrs. Nancy Waldo was the visionary who helped create our chapter. Our member volunteers have been proud to serve this community for over 40 years through our philanthropic programs.