Operation School Bell Program

Operation School Bell is a philanthropic program initiated in 2004. Assistance League Greeley raises money to fund two major projects run through this program. Operation School Bell provides uniforms for six elementary schools in District 6. They are given to the students at the start of each school year.
Our second project is to provide books to children visiting the Sunrise Family Dental Clinic on their initial visit to the clinic. The goal is to promote literacy in our children. During 2016-17 the clinic gave out 630 books.
The school uniform order for the 2017-18 school year consisted of 7,032 navy pants and 7,920 grey polo shirts for a total of $71,970. The schools receiving the uniforms included Maplewood, Martinez, Bella Romero (2 campuses), Centennial, and Madison Elementary.

Cheryl Stebleton, Assistance League Greeley Operation School Bell Chairman, delivers books to the Sunrise Dental Clinic. Accepting the books is Salina Tapia, Supervisor. The books are distributed to clinic clients to encourage reading and education. 

   Assistance League Greeley
   provides uniforms for students
   at six Title 1 Schools
Nohum Orange stands with his children, Marissa
  and Micheal as they receive their uniforms from
  Assistance League volunteers. From left to right:
  Marjie Reed, Caroll D., Dorothy Eckas, Pam
  Neville and Barbara Rhine.
       Operation School Bell is a national philanthropic
  program in partnership with the Assistance League
  of Greeley, which provides children with school
  clothing. It aims to improve self-esteem and
  encourage regular school attendance.
       14,952 uniforms (7,920 shirts and 7,032 pants) were distributed the week of August 7th to students at  six Title 1 Schools.



On July 11, 2017, several Assistance League members worked hard sorting boxes of pants and shirts
for delivery to six Greeley/Evans elementary schools for the 2017-18 academic year.

Assistance League members, with District 6 Superintendent Dr. Deirdre Pilch and Service Center Manager Gilbert Arizmendi, 
sorted uniforms for delivery to 6 elementary schools for the 2016-17 school year.