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The National Leadership Team of Assistance League has invited Rita Burger, a member of Assistance League Greeley, to become a member of the National Leadership Finance Team! Some of her job responsibilities will include attending the Finance Committee meetings when possible; reviewing, revising, and preparing “Manual for Chapter Management” documents relating to finance for presentation to the Chapter Services Committee for approval; developing and keeping current financial information in the “Manual for Chapter Management” and “Finance Handbook"; attending and presenting finance seminars and workshops at the national, regional, and local levels for chapters as needed; and assisting chapters and providing chapter consultation, advice, and mentoring as requested. A congratulations goes out to Rita as she works as a volunteer on the National Leadership Finance Team. This service will benefit all Assistance League chapters nationwide!


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General Information

Assistance League Greeley needs volunteers willing to commit an average of fifteen hours per month for the success of the organization.

Regular membership meetings will be held on the fourth Friday at 10:00 AM at Trinity Episcopal Church, 3800 West 20th Street, Greeley, except for the months of July, November, December, and May. There are special times and locations for these four monthly meetings.


Assistance League Greeley also accepts merchandise donations on a continual year-round basis.  The donated merchandise is vital to the success of the Assistance League Bargain Box Thrift Store fundraising efforts which support the five philanthropic programs.

We are proud of our volunteer hours for 2016-2017!
  Total hours -- 19,220
  70 Members' volunteer hours -- 18,698
  22 Non-members' volunteer hours -- 522

During the past fiscal year, Assistance League Greeley benefitted from the volunteer hours of sixteen Public Employees'
Retirement Association members. These sixteen retirees provided over 7,600 hours of volunteer time.

Front Row - Left to Right -- Cheryl Stebleton, Vicki Sanderson, Janie Bernd, Colleen Denzin, Dorothy Eckas,
Linda Trimburger, Catherine Eichenberger
Back Row - Left to Right -- Caroll D., Jan Krause, Rita Burger, Ann VanMatre, Sally Novaria, Deb Thompson, Pat McCloskey

Not pictured: Barb Rhine & Virginia Burgess